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Do these courses provide me with end-to-end information on building privacy friendly apps?

Yes, these courses will help you understand how to make users feel safe, how to evaluate your app, how to use privacy-friendly alternatives to perform the same feature or functionality and more.

Are there best practices that will help stay on the right side of Google Play Policies?

Yes, there are best practices that will help stay on the right side of Google Play Policies. These are not exhaustive but are based on common themes we often see from new developers and may evolve in the future. Check out Comply with Google Play store listing policies to learn more about them.

How can I stay up to date on policy changes?

The best way to stay notified of policy changes is to keep your contact email up to date. When a policy change is made, or a new policy is created, you’ll receive an email with a summary of the policy and links to learn more.

I have received a policy violation, which part of this course should I refer to?

If you receive a policy violation, you could refer to the Managing Policy Violations and How to handle a policy violation on Google Play courses to learn about what to do next.

Are there restrictions on the content included in an app?

Yes, content restrictions are in place to ensure the safety and integrity of Google Play as a trusted source of high quality apps. Check out Restricted Content Play Policy Video to learn all about it.

Are there policies on app monetization strategies?

Yes. These policies are in place to ensure that your users have the best experience with your app or game. Check out Monetization and Ads Play Policy Video to learn more about policies on app monetization strategies.

Where can I learn about copyright violation of Google Play Policies?

Information about copyright and trademarks is covered under the 'Introduction to Intellectual Property' course. You can find it within the Dive deeper into Google Play policy path.

Are there courses to learn about the Google Play Console?

Yes. You can learn all about the Google Play Console features and new updates in the Play Console features.

What is a Google Play Developer Account? Where can I learn about it?

To publish apps on Google Play, you need a Google Play developer account. You can learn how to set up a Google Play developer account, manage notifications and information within the Play Console, and keep your account protected in the Google Play developer account basics course.

What does the Metrics page on Google Play Console allow me to track?

By using the Play Console metrics pages, you can determine fundamental install and uninstall metrics by user and device, show change over time, and get valuable insights into your app's business performance.

These insights can help you make better technical and business decisions and power your success on Play. Check out Track installs, uninstalls, trends and engagement with Play Console statistics to learn more.

What is app signing?

Each app release is digitally signed with the same secret cryptographic key. When an Android device receives an app update, before updating it, the platform checks if the digital signature matches the version of the app that's currently on the device. This process helps protect users by ensuring that only the original provider of an app can update it after it's installed. Go to Understanding App Signing by Google Play to learn all about it.

What is release management?

Release management on the Google Play Console gives you the tools to test, launch, and track your app's releases. You can iterate your ideas with a small group of trusted users, improve the quality based on actual user data, flexibly rollout releases with control over the timing, pace, and targeted devices, and track performance per release. You can learn all about it in the Introduction to release management course.

How to Rollout a release and publish an app using Google Play Console?

After you create an app on the Play Console, the next step is to create and rollout a release. You can learn about the steps to go through when you want to test and publish your app in the Rollout a release and publish an app course.

What is the right way to update an app?

You can learn about it in the Update your app course where we will talk about the end-to-end process to configure your APK file, upload the file to Play Console, create and modify release settings and publish the release to the right track.

What can I learn about app testing on Google Play Console courses?

How does the Google Play Console help with understanding the growth of my app?

What can I learn about ratings and reviews?

The Google Play Console Features courses cover the importance of engaging with your reviewers, and providing comprehensive support to help you improve your app’s performance.

What is Android Vitals? Where can I learn about it?

Android vitals can provide information about technical aspects of your app's performance to help improve your app's quality and performance. You can learn more about Android Vitals and navigating through it in the "Android Vitals" section under Google Play Console features courses.

Can I set up monetization using Google Play Console?

Yes, you can learn how to set up subscriptions, set up a managed product, manage the price of your app, manage orders, view and refund orders, and evaluate your revenue in the "Monetize" section under Google Play Console features courses.


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