Google play academy

Your success stories

From a game developer in Uruguay to a student in Malaysia, people across the globe are using Google Play Academy to help them reach their goals.

Stories from India

Roshni Kumari

Student & Campus Ambassador

The knowledge I gained empowered me to make more informed decisions and learn effective store listing growth strategies. The credibility I got from the certificate opened new doors in my career.

Kushal Trivedi

Founder, RedWall Technologies

The details in the course were amazing. Coming from a non-tech background, I found the course to the point. I am glad I got to it and took it. I highly recommend this course to anyone willing to make a career in ASO.

Advaita Saha

Freelance Developer

After the certificate, I am now able to optimize the app listings of my clients and bring 20x more traffic than before to their app. I can also now localize their app feature and experiment with different languages.

Kailash Sharma

Student, Android Developer

Earning the Google Play Store Listing Certificate made a significant impact on my app development career and success. It helped me optimize my app's visibility, attract more users, and improve overall performance.

Kevin Binu Varughese

Social Media Specialist

Through completing the certificate I gained in-depth knowledge and practical skills to optimize our app's visibility, engagement, and overall performance on the Google Play Store. This gave me with a competitive edge in the job market, elevating my career prospects and enabling me to impact the mobile app ecosystem.

Chetak Bhimani

Sr. Android Developer

Getting the certificate helped me understand the policies for app monetization and payment systems, and how to improve user experience. I now have a better understanding of the Google guidelines and standards, which helps me to do my job quickly and answer clients queries.

Stories from Indonesia

Taufiq Anggara Lesmana

Chief Business Development Officer

Before getting certified, our Google Play Store listing was not performing. Applying the best practices we learned through completing the certificate, we optimized our store listing and achieved about 10% revenue growth.

Yogi Prasetiyo

Mobile Apps Developer (Flutter)

I was having a hard time qualifying for jobs that match my career interests and goals. By completing the Google Play Store Listing Certificate, I gained additional knowledge and skills that position me for a new and rewarding career path.

Rifzki Adiyaksa

Freelance Developer

I did not fully understand the policies and laws that apply to publishing applications on Google Play. Through completing the courses on Google Play Academy, I gained a deeper understanding of how to optimize my app and how to ensure it fully complied with all relevant policies.

Muhammad Farhan Majid

Frontend Engineer

By completing the Google Play Store Listing Certificate, I gained the skills and confidence to create a store listing that is both cohesive and compliant with Google Play policies. I also learned how to experiment with different marketing strategies, analyze the results of those experiments, and grow my audience.

Rizki Febriansyah

Lead, Fullstack Developer

Earning my Google Play Store Listing Certificate has significantly impacted my career and the success of my app. The skills I gained through the academy helped optimize my app's store listing, resulting in increased downloads, positive reviews, and user engagement.

Stories from Malaysia

Lee Fong Chan


The best gift I've received from Google Play Academy is free and open education resources. This has transformed my career and survivability in life.

Elie Danhash

Mobile Lead

I got certified so I could learn how to differentiate my app from others, improve its visibility, and increase download numbers. Getting certified and applying the lessons I learned has improved our user experience, increased downloads, and elicited more positive reviews.

Stories from North Macedonia

Onur Bayramoğlu

Founder, Codiux Technologies

When I first uploaded my app, there were not a lot of downloads, and I didn't know where the problem was. The Google Play Store Listing Certificate helped me create store listings as best as possible. The results after I adapted the things that I learned were incredible!

Stories from South Korea

Jae Myung Shin

Founder, DelightRoom, makers of Alarmy

One of our visual designers implemented store listing A/B tests they learned from Play Academy. To our surprise, our conversion rate went up hour by hour. We ultimately increased organic users by 90% and conversions by 26%.

Stories from Spain

Adrian Mojica

Marketing Creative, GameHouse

Learning best practices for store listing experiments allowed me to know more about our audience. Something as simple as using the proper icon increased acquisitions of one of our games by approximately 60%.

Stories from United Arab Emirates

Hani Simo

Hani Simo Head of Project Management, Al-Ain News

The Google Play Store Listing Certificate provided me a complete set of integrated best practices that ensure the efficient and successful publishing of the modern apps.

Stories from United Kingdom

Giuseppe Milazzo

Founder, Contapp

As an entrepreneur, the Google Play Academy courses have really helped me expand my knowledge of how to grow my business first-hand. Using what I've learned is helping my startup to grow in ways I didn't know before. I'm proud to have achieved a verified certificate as well.

Stories from United States

Mohamed Kamara

Founder, InovCares

Google Play Academy helped us better tell our app's story. They are an extension of our marketing team.

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Sam Dolbel

Co-founder, SINC BUSINESS, makers of SINC Time Clock

The course was great in taking a complex task and providing an actionable structure to work through it. We're already seeing a 20% increase in conversions through experimentation.

Taylor Wimberly

Product Manager

After obtaining the Google Play Store Listing Certificate, I learned how to experiment with our app name, icon, and description. We were able to increase organic acquisitions for first time installers by nearly 10x.

Nate Beran

Group Product Leader, 7-Eleven App

Google Play Academy has been a great resource for our team to understand Google Play Console and improve quality and reach of our app.

Chris Cooney

Assistant Professor, Washington State University

Google Play Academy courses provided relevant and actionable content that my students could immediately apply in my Project Based Learning curriculum.

Stories from Uruguay

Laia Bee

Co-founder, Pincer Games, makers of Fighters of Fate

We face the challenge of taking on many tasks and roles. Google Play Academy's courses are short, simple and clear. We easily adapted them into our development process.

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Stories from Vietnam

Kimmie Vu

Chief Marketing Officer, Rocket Game Studio

We made Google Play Academy courses mandatory for all interns. Play Academy increased efficiency in mentoring relationships by 50%, and have seen a 30% increase our game launch speed overall.

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Nguyen Kiem Nghia

Android Developer, VNPAY

The course has helped us stay on the right side of Google Play store listing policies. We can also get valuable insights into our app's business performance, and make better technical and business decisions.

Vuong Nguyen Thien

Mobile Developer

Before I completed the certificate, I didn't know how to publish my app without the help of my instructor. Now that I've earned my certification, I can confidently publish my app and advise my clients on how to make their apps stand out.