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What aspects of app publishing are covered in the Prepare category?

In the Prepare category, you can learn how to test your app with users to get feedback, design a great store listing, and about the best practices to plan for a smooth and successful launch of your app or game.

What factors help drive app installs?

Some factors that can help drive app installs include following best practices for creating a great user experience, complying with store listing policies, implementing custom store listings and translations, and using store listing experiments. Check out the Best practices for your Google Play store listing course to learn more.

What are store listing experiments and how can they help my app or game grow?

It can be challenging to find the perfect combination of graphics and text to make your store listing appeal to the most users. Store listing experiments is a feature on the Google Play Console that helps you understand which store listing variant makes the greatest impact on your total installs. Learn how to optimize your store listing with experiments through the course Optimize your store listing with experiments.

How important are screenshots for store listing?

Screenshots help make your app stand out in search results, categories, and featured app lists. In addition, they convey your app's capabilities, the look and feel, and the experience of the app to potential users, all of which impacts their decision to install the app or not. Check out Tell your app or game story with screenshots course to learn about the recommended best practices for screenshots.

How can app icons have an impact on app performance?

The app icon is used in various locations on Google Play, including a store listing, search results, and top charts. As one of the first images seen by potential users, a well-balanced and visually appealing app icon can be key to capturing interest. Check out Select an icon for your app or game to learn the best practices for the design of an app icon.

How can I create the best description for my app or game?

An app description is the best place to market your app's functionality and the value it brings to users. To help entice more users to download your app or game, write a concise and engaging description. Check out Engage potential users with your app or game description course to learn more about the best practices for creating an effective description.

Who needs a Google Play developer account?

Anyone who wants to publish apps and games on Google Play needs a Google Play Developer account.


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