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Play Academy Study Jams brings together new and aspiring developers across Indonesia to learn Google Play app growth and marketing best practices through community-based classes.

calendar_month August 2023 - December 2023
location_on Online, Indonesia
monetization_on No cost
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What you'll learn

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Study Jam 1

Getting started with the basics

Learn how to publish a store listing, or get a refresher on the basic requirements that apply to every app or game store listing.

Study Jam 2

Analyze and explore opportunities

Gain insights on where users are coming from, and learn how to conduct tests to identify which store listing aspects work best for user acquisition.

Study Jam 3

Best practices for creating your store listing

Take a store listing to the next level with tips and strategies to present users with a consistent, benefit-focused brand story.

Study Jam 4

Drive user acquisition through custom store listings

Learn how to boost app visibility and attract new users and engage existing users by using custom store listings.

About the Study Jam experience

Here is what to expect in a typical Study Jam experience:

Before the Study Jam

Google Play Academy micro-courses

Prior to attending the live session, complete a series of short (10-15 minute) micro-courses on Google Play Academy. You'll gain foundational knowledge to give you proper context for the examples and exercises covered in the live session.

Live learning session led by experienced industry professional

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Getting Started

Introduction from the facilitator, including an overview of the session agenda, learning outcomes, and topics that will be covered.

Course review and knowledge check

Take a moment to review the courses from the pre-work and pose any questions you have or topics you would like the facilitator to cover during the session.

Topic exploration

Your facilitator shares best practices, use cases, and success stories based on their professional experience. This helps place the knowledge you've gained in a professional context and helps illustrate how you can apply what you've learned to improve your Google Play Store listing.

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Applied activity and discussion

Then, you'll complete an interactive exercise designed to put what you've learned to practice and explore what is possible on Google Play. You'll have an opportunity to share your work with other participants and learn from the solutions they create.

Q&A and Summary

Your facilitator addresses the top questions posed by participants during the session and summarizes the insights and lessons learned.

Completing the pre-work for each of the four Study Jams ensures you get the most out of live sessions.

Path to app and career growth

Fast track your digital mobile marketing goals

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Attend Study Jams and take the online training

Learn new skills with our trainings.

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Get certified

Pass the exam and get certified.

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Share your certificate on your Google Developer Profile and social media.

Success stories in Indonesia

Frequently asked questions

What content is covered in the Play Academy Study Jams?

Key content and courses prepare learners for the Google Play Store Listing Certificate, a free, industry recognized certification designed to prove the skills of a mobile marketer and their ability to effectively promote mobile apps and games on Google Play. The courses will cover:

  • How to best tell your app or game's story
  • Use custom store listings to scale your app's growth and drive app installs
  • Understand your users and customize your approach to meet their diverse needs
  • How to market to a global audience

What dates are the Play Academy Study Jams?

After you sign up, you will be notified of class schedules via email in mid-July 2023.

What are the benefits of Play Academy Study Jams?

You'll have access to:

  • Online mobile growth training designed by Google Play experts
  • Hands-on, instructor-led classes that foster knowledge sharing among participants and create a supportive community for developers aiming to excel on Google Play
  • Training in a highly desirable digital mobile marketing skill set
  • An opportunity to attain an industry recognized Google Play Store Listing Certificate
  • If you pass the exam, you'll join the Google Play Store Listing Certificates Alumni Network

How long are the Study Jams?

Classes will be 60-90 minutes. There will be 4 total Study Jams, every week for 4 weeks.

What is the cost to participate in the Play Academy Study Jams?

The classes, online training and certificate is free!

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