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What types of best practices will I learn as I design my app for Google Play?

Google Play Academy's Design courses cover how to design safe and secure experiences while staying compliant with Google Play policies. You will also learn how to design for engagement to encourage sustainable business growth. These factors play an important role in ensuring success on Google Play.

Are these courses only for technical app developers?

No. These courses are designed for anyone who is interested in launching an app on the Google Play Store and wants to learn about how to do it right.

What is app onboarding and how is it relevant to app design?

App onboarding refers to your ​​user's first time experience with your app. Users' expectations have grown since the early days of mobile apps. From privacy to user experience, developers need to make sure their apps not only work but work well. Google Play Academy Design courses will teach you how to optimize for onboarding, build accessible apps, and reduce app size to reach more users and encourage engagement. To learn more about app onboarding check out the Create a compelling first time user experience course.

What is sustainable app engagement?

As the app and games industry matures, more and more developers are looking for new business models and shifting their focus beyond pure user acquisition toward driving stronger engagement with their existing consumers. Optimizing for sustainable app engagement teaches you how to prioritize long-term, value-building engagement strategies over short-term tactics, and learn techniques to encourage sustainable business growth. Learn more about sustainable app engagement by taking the Optimize for sustainable app engagement course.

Will this course teach me how to build mockups and prototypes?

No. The Design courses are aimed at highlighting the best practices for app design that enables your business to grow sustainably.

Can app design help reduce user churn rate?

Yes. The best practices outlined in these courses are curated to keep the users' best interests in mind. Following these will certainly help reduce churn rate.

Are policies a part of app design?

Yes. It is important to design your app while staying compliant with Google Play policies in order to create a safe and secure experience for your users. Check out Get started with Google Play policies course to learn more.

What is app accessibility?

Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, and environments that work for everyone. Designing for accessibility is about designing for users with a wide range of abilities so that everyone can navigate, understand, and use your app successfully. You can learn more about it in the Introduction to app accessibility course under the Design for all users path.

What are Android App Bundles?

An Android App Bundle (AAB file extension) is a file that you upload to Google Play. Each bundle includes the compiled code and resources for all of the app's modules and supported device configurations. With Android App Bundles, you can enhance your app's user experience using a smaller app size. Learn more about Android App Bundles through Reduce your app size with Android App Bundles.


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